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Agreement a. Singles koblenz umgebung display of reservation-options on FOX website does not constitute a legally binding offer, but an invitation to treat.

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Credit Card see clause 6. PayPal see clause 6. Giropay see clause 6. In addition, Fox will confirm receipt of the order over the website, via email.

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For clarification, this conformation-email does not constitute an acceptance of an order, unless explicitly specified therein. For reservation via means other than FOX website, the contract will be concluded, according to statutory provisions, by offer and offer-acceptance. Purpose a. Any amounts paid for the reservation can only be returned, in case of a withdrawal, under clause 7, or a rescission under clause 8.

Test-Drives a.

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FOX will, at its own discretion, offer transporter single passenger seat at its production facility in Hungary. If test- drives are offered, FOX can propose several timeslots or a timeframe, for the test drives.

The client or participant may choose a timeslot within this timeframe, unless that appointment has already been assigned to another customer. FOX may, at its own discretion, offer test drives in other or further countries. FOX will try to offer test-drives in all countries, provided there are sufficient reservations in these countries.

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Licenses are to be shown to the test-drive representatives of FOX, at the time of the test-drive. The client is responsible for making travel and accommodation arrangements, at her own expense, to the venue of the test-drive.

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Sales Contract a. The purchase price for the vehicle including battery will be FOX may, at its own choosing, offer extras at a higher retail price.

transporter single passenger seat

The cost of delivering the vehicles to a place other than the standard place of delivery will not be included in the purchase price of 13, Euros. At the time of reservation, FOX assumes that the standard place of delivery will be Komaron, Hungary.

FOX may, at its own choosing, offer to deliver the vehicles to other locations than the transporter single passenger seat place of delivery in Europe.

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In that case, this service will be provided in exchange for an additional payment, whereas the customer will be responsible for any taxes or duties, according to clause 5.

For the sales contract of the vehicle, the statutory warranty period of two years shall apply, and clauses 9 to 10 will be applicable, mu- tatis mutandis. Prices; Taxes a. In case that FOX offers a delivery point outside of Europe, alternative consumer taxes may apply.

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Payment-terms and -methods a. The price for the reservation and acquisition of the rights, set out in clause 2, are due immediately, i.

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FOX offers the following payment methods: b. To ensure that the full amount is credited to FOX.

transporter single passenger seat

FOX may, at its own choosing, offer other credit cards, at a later stage. PayPal: Transfer of funds via a PayPal account, or guest ac- count.

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