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August Goldfuss C] Abb. I have heard of its having been killed south of the Nerbudda many years ago, and I have seen the skins of two that were obtained near Saugor a few years back, near which single hole hog feeder, indeed, tolerably authentic intelligence was received of their presence in ; whilst quite recently two lions were killed most unexpectedly near Gwalior.

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In former years, lions were much more common in the eastern portion of their present habitat. Little is recorded of the habits of the Lion as found in India.

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It is said to prey chiefly on bullocks and donkeys, and the fat is highly prized by the natives as a cure for rheumatism. Later and more authentic accounts of the habits of the Lion in Africa than those usually found in the older works on natural history, do not quite confirm those accounts of its noble character.

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These four incarnations are supposed to have appeared in the Satya-yuga, or first age of the world. Panthera tigris tigris Linnaeus, - Königstiger - Bengal Tiger 1.

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This, as a distinct species from the tiger, is the ounce; or else the panther. It is found in all the forests and jungles throughout single hole hog feeder peninsula, occasionally visiting the more open and cultivated parts of the country, and harbouring in thickets, long grass, and especially in brushwood on single hole hog feeder, and on churs covered with tamarisk.

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In the hot weather, indeed, these are its favourite resorts in many parts of Central India, and from there it sallies forth towards the villages in search of food. In lower Bengal the heavy grass jungles and swamps are his usual lair.

Tigers are perhaps more abundant in lower Bengal than in most other parts of the country, and are said to be both larger and more savage than those from other parts of India. Those of Central India, however, are perhaps as large, and quite, if not single hole hog feeder ferocious than their Bengal brethren.

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Major Sherwill, who was for some years in Dinagepore district, told me that the largest he had seen killed was 9 feet 8 inches. The skin is very often measured either when fresh taken from the carcass, or after it has been stretched out to dry ; and Mr. Elliot records an instance of a lion measured by himself at 9 feet 4 inches.

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This was noted by one of the party as 11 feet and by another as 12 feet, the first measurement being taken from the skin when taken off ; the other from the skin stretched out by pegs for drying. Walter Elliot has the following remarks on the distribution and habits of this animal in Southern India. In some places they do much mischief, and have been known to carry off the inhabitants out of the villages whilst sleeping in their verandahs during the night.

The female has from two to four young, and does not breed at any particular season.

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