Single engine 8 passenger plane. Produktinformation

single engine 8 passenger plane

Email Here we deal with a highly complex story of war partnersuche japan frau peace, Weimar Republic, allied victories, famous names, and Bavarian industrial policy.

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We deal with individuals who later were to play an important role in aviation. Ernst Udet, famous fighter pilot of world war one and aerobatics pilot after the war in called together ex-military pilots in order to found an aircraft production, although this was strictly prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles.

single engine 8 passenger plane

The company built many airplanes but soon went broke. It was at the end of when they designed a simple and robust trainer bi-plane, named Udet U 12 Flamingo. It was a plywood construction, for a natural fuel flow the tank was in the upper wing.

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The plywood wings and the tail had light alloy ailerons and rudders stringed with single engine 8 passenger plane. For training purposes the twin controls could be unlocked by the flight instructor. The construction of the plane got along fine and the maiden flight took place in April ofwith Ernst Udet at the controls.

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There is a really big difference if you compare the admission of an aircraft and the check flights at that time with the professional procedures of today: during the maiden flight Udet did all kinds of aerobatic maneuvers at low level and landed the plane with the engine shut down.

He was perfectly satisfied with the plane and took part in an airshow with it five days later. The plane sold well and improvements were continuously made. The plane was also built single engine 8 passenger plane licence in Hungary.

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In spite of this success the Udet company did not well financially and went bankrupt in In the city of Bamberg there was another company which built aircraft: the Messerschmitt GmbH.

At that time Messerschmitt was a young but unknown design engineer.

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