Single engine 6 passenger plane

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Charter Your Heli at Avito Aviation Helicopter Charter Worldwide A helicopter is especially suitable for short-range transport, point-to-point connections as well as sightseeing or scenic flights.

single engine 6 passenger plane

The eminent advantage of helicopter flying is its flexibility. On the one hand, the helicopter can rest in a defined spot in the air, it chinesin kennenlernen swiftly change direction or fly relatively low above ground.

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On the other hand, a helicopter does not need an airstrip for take-off or landing, a cleared area is completely adequate. However, helicopter flights have to comply single engine 6 passenger plane relevant regulations and get clearance from the respective aviation authority.

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We will gladly assist you in all these aspects. Moreover, you have to take into account that helicopters are operated by VFR, which means they are not subject to instrument flight rules.

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This makes favorable weather a prerequisite of the flight. Helicopters can be differentiated by their number of engines.

single engine 6 passenger plane

Single-engine helicopters have a reduced motor power and normally feature five seats. The price per minute of flight starts at about 20 Euros. Twin-engined helicopters have a higher motor power, a larger range of operation and can have up to 14 seats.

single engine 6 passenger plane

However, they are also significantly more expensive, the price for a minute of flight starts at around 45 Euros. We will happily make you a suitable offer for your helicopter request.

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