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This is a kehlani dating life version of story First time to an adult video booth by stevnkellie from xHamster.

Kehlani and chance the rapper dating

She's always said it's just for guys. Well after a date didn't work out for her I said let's stop by this "toy store" on our way home and find you a new toy. It was a long two hour drive thru New Hampshire We arrived at 8 o'clock at night. We explored the store and discovered that there were only a few people shopping. So I suggested we check out the video area and she shrugged her shoulders and kehlani dating life okay.

We entered the movie theatre area checked it out and she giggled at the holes in between the booths as we found no one there. Leute kennenlernen niederösterreich said want to go and come back and see if anybody comes here?

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She said I guess. We left kehlani dating life get a quick bite to eat and I told her what I had heard about the booths and how you're suppose to put your fingers thru if you want a cock.

So when we returned we went down to the theaters and went into two separate booths side-by-side, waited but nobody came to the other side of Kelly, so I stuck my cock through the whole and she started sucking on me.

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I then heard three other kehlani dating life close on the kehlani dating life part of the theater so we left our booths and went over into an end booth together.

I told her she had to stick her fingers through the hole and as soon as she did a guys hand touched hers and then he immediately stuck his cock through the hole. She looked surprised but instantly grabbed hold of it and started jerking him.

kehlani dating life

After about 5 minutes and it wasn't going anywhere, I motioned for her to put her mouth on his cock, as I kept feeding dollar bills into the movie player.

To my surprise she bent right over and started sucking this strangers cock.

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I watched as she slowly licked his cock and flicking the head with her tongue. She then stood back up and kept jerking him but he pulled back and stuck his fingers through. She looked at me wondering what he wanted and I told her to take her shorts down and I guided her closer to the hole where he started fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Kehlani Attempts Suicide after she leaves Kyrie Irving and gets back with PartyNextDoor.

Once again I was shocked but hard as hell. The movie stopped and I was out of cash so I told her I'd be right back, she smiled and kehlani dating life, closed her eyes while the kehlani dating life was fingering her pussy. As I walked across the street to the ATM I was amazed that I had just left my wife at a video booth wondering what might happen while I wasn't there. Did the guy hear me leave and go into the booth with her or somebody else go in as I left the door slightly open for anybody going by the see her with shorts down.

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I thought about these scenarios as I stood by the ATM for a few extra minutes hoping she would be having fun. Kehlani dating life I walked back kehlani dating life returned to the movie area, taking my time and getting change from the owner. I turned the corner and saw the door was closed all the way.

My cock was hard and throbbing and I really wanted a cock in my ass when a message arrived. I opened the message and saw that it was a black man with an 8 inch dick and he was also very horny. We agreed to meet at his apartment, smoke a joint, and see what happens. I showered and dressed and 15 kehlani dating life later I was knocking on his door.

I got hard thinking she has company so I listened for movement. I just heard the guy next door breathing hard. I slowly opened the door and stood there in awe: my prim and proper wife was standing, pussy pressed against the hole in the wall with her shorts and panties around her ankles grinding her pussy against his hand and breathing hard.

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Seeing me she pulled back and he stuck his cock through again with precum dripping off. To my surprise she started rubbing his cock on her pussy.

I then saw her grab his cock and start stroking it squeezing it kehlani dating life her clit. I thought she was gonna try to put it in her, but he wasn't really long enough to do that.

Nowhere Fast Feat. Kehlani (2-Track Single)

I heard him start moaning and hit the wall with his hand. I watched as she stepped back and I saw him squirting his cum out all over the floor. She smiled at me and kept kehlani dating life helping him get all of his cum out. I saw her pull up her panties and wipe her pussy kehlani dating life with them.

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